Ministry of Education: Directors will lose their jobs if they invite gays


Directors will be fired from their jobs if they allow gay organizations into their schools, according to a new Ministry of Education draft law which “Dziennik” [Polish daily] has found out about.

According to the newspaper, Roman Giertych wants to punish teachers if they allow for the promotion of homosexuality on school property or at youth centers. “Dziennik” became familiar with the propositions in the draft law.

Breaking this prohibition would threaten disciplinary expulsion from work, and even punishments such as a fine or imprisonment. The draft law is still being worked on in the Ministries and will most likely reach the Sejm (Parliament) as a government bill. The new law could come into effect as soon as the new school year starts the newspaper reports.
In “Dziennik’s” opinion this is the next controversial concept of the Minister of Education of many which is voiced in government at a time when the Prime Minister and President are attempting at great lengths to project an image of
Poland as free from homophobia.


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