Orzechowski: Punishment for homosexuality and other deviance

Source: gazeta.pl

The Ministry of Education is preparing a draft law to “prohibit the promotion of homosexuality and other deviance”, confirmed the vice-Minister of Education Miroslaw Orzechowski. The morning press has reported on the draft law which foresees firing school directors who “allow gay organizations into schools”.

Orzechowski confirmed the Ministry’s plans.
”Whoever promotes homosexuality or any other deviance of a sexual nature in educational establishments will be punished”, the vice-Minister said regarding the main idea of the draft law. The draft law will be prepared by the Ministry of Education within a month he claimed. Breaking this prohibition would threaten disciplinary expulsion from work, an even punishments such as a fine or imprisonment.

”Laws already exist for other deviances.”

”This language hurts me because I’m completely disgusted by it”, claimed the vice-Minister when asked if calling homosexuality a deviance or saying “pederasts” was appropriate.

”Rearding other deviance, there are laws already. Homosexuality is only one sphere”, he said in defense of the Ministry’s decision to concentrate on homosexuality.

Homosexuality likened to smoking, according to Orzechowski, “I believe that every person has to live through their weaknesses internally and deal with them themselves, much like quitting smoking.”.


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