Polish Prime Minister on the „gay lifestyle”

Source: interia.pl / PAP

Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski, when asked what he thinks about the draft law being prepared by the Ministry of Education which foresees among other things the punishment of teachers if they allow for the promotion of homosexuality on school grounds, replied that it would be “too much” to agree on the promotion of a “gay lifestyle” in Polish schools.

The head of government argued that it’s one thing to tolerate homosexuality and another to promote it.

„Promoting a gay lifestyle to young people in schools as an alternative to what’s „normal” is going too far. In no case do I believe that schools should do that. This type of activity should be curtailed because it’s one thing to tolerate and another to affirm”, underscored J. Kaczynski in a Tuesday press conference.


J. Kaczynski assured that he is tolerant when it comes to the issue of homosexuality. He warned however that “he doesn’t believe in any circumstance” that schools should promote it.

He added that he’s against homosexual marriage. He argued that marriage is not a “tolerated institution” but rather one “affirmed and supported by the State.”

„I don’t see any reason for this type of disposition to be expanded. There are people who are born with this affliction and that’s too bad. One can’t limit them because of that. If they were to be more of them, and I have reason to believe that that is happening now, at least it’s considered trendy, then nothing good will come of it”, claimed the Prime Minister.

J. Kaczynski underscored that the issue of intolerance towards homosexuals „is not a Polish problem because it’s not a Polish tradition.”

He drew attention to the fact that Polish lawmakers were tolerant towards homosexuals even before the Second World War and that homosexuality wasn’t criminalized. “I can’t recall any persecution of homosexuals any more so than any other group during Communism; it wasn’t criminalized,” added J. Kaczynski.

The Prime Minister said that the situation of homosexuals in Poland has changed since 1989. “There are gay clubs; there are many institutions, press, and gay literature. I don’t really see any problem”, said J. Kaczynski.

Vice-Minister of Education Miroslaw Orzechowski said at a Tuesday press conference that a special draft law will be prepared “no longer than in a month”, which would prohibit the promotion of homosexuality on school grounds and educational centers. He presented the tenants of the draft.

He stressed that the law „will in no way effect the rights of homosexual individuals who are afflicted by this. It will preempt the promotion of this type of behavior in schools and educational centers”.

As Orzechowski claims, those who will promote „homosexuality or other sexual deviance” in schools will be subjected to imprisonment or a fine.


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